Care for
The key to the stability of our business is the continuous development of our team, and we strive to provide our employees with opportunities for full potential realization.
Trainings at Intermark
We continuously train our employees and offer a variety of trainings: "Business Correspondence," "Sales Training," "Time Management," "Conflict Management," "English Language for Different Levels," Legal Training, "Market Knowledge," basics of working with the CRM database, and Help Desk service.
Team buildings
Team building is an essential part of creating a healthy team atmosphere. And the work of a cohesive team is the direct path to achieving our planned objectives. That's precisely why we pay great attention to corporate culture.
The Social Life of Intermark
We believe that responsible and sustainable business plays a significant role in building a healthy and prosperous society. We strive to contribute to the ecological and social well-being of the community. We assist families in need, support animal shelters, host Blood Donation Days, participate in charity runs, and collect paper and plastic for recycling.
Corporate Events
Corporate events are an integral part of our company culture, one of the most important and powerful tools for its creation and maintenance. Corporate events allow building relationships between colleagues and facilitate team building.
Intermark life
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